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The Important Role of Vegetation in Stormwater Management

Vegetation is Nature’s best management practice (BMP) for controlling erosion, yet when we discuss BMPs, we are often focused on structural practices that reduce erosion and/or remove sediment. This webinar will focus on the important role that vegetation plays in stormwater management during and after construction and will present new guidance developed in Colorado that covers many fundamentals of successful revegetation and could be adapted to other regions. Dr. Earles will discuss the different hydrologic, physical and biological processes that make vegetation an effective BMP. Students will leave the webinar with a renewed appreciation for vegetation and the key role it plays in effective stormwater management.
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Underground Storage: More than Hiding Stormwater - Sponsored

This presentation will provide attendees with an increased knowledge of underground stormwater systems, benefits, and best practices. By beginning with a review of stormwater design and evolution over time, attendees will acquire a strong foundational understanding of overall stormwater management. The presentation will explore methods ranging from stone beds to proprietary products like arches and module boxes, while also providing attendees with information about unique applications and innovative ways to incorporate different underground systems into a design.
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Vegetation … The Permanent Erosion Control Solution

Description: This course will focus on the use of native plant materials as the primary and long term solution to limiting excessive erosion on large and small scale projects. Participants will be made aware of seed collection techniques and why select seed species may not be available from year-to-year. Participants will learn the major components of effective vegetation planting plan and how to compliment short term erosion control products to fulfill long term vegetation strategies. The Webinar will tie in available planting methods, conservation practices and erosion control materials into successful rehabilitation/restoration outcomes. Multiple case histories will be presented showing the effectiveness of plant materials to minimize the impacts of excessive erosion following disturbances.
Wednesday, July 18, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Central Daylight Time