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Event Registration - Identifying Waters of the United States

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Description:This is a live webinar presented by Aaron Brewer. Your ability to identify whether a water body as a “water of the U.S.” has the potential to cost or save a project two of our favorite things; time and money. For example, if a project requires excavation of sediment from a pond and the pond is not a water of the U.S., then the project does not need a Section 404 permit. If a site is discharging fill to a ditch and that ditch also happens to be a water of the U.S. then you may be risking a cease and desist letter from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The process to identify a water of the U.S. is complicated and can’t always be resolved without direct input from the Corps of Engineers. But there are seven simple concepts that will help you reach a conclusion for every water body you encounter. This webinar presents the fundamental tests for identifying waters of the U.S. and uses real world examples to demonstrate how to make that determination.
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