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Event Registration - Applications of the High Definition Stream Survey

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Description:This is a live webinar presented by Brett Connell and James Parham, PhD. The High Definition Stream Survey (HDSS) approach was created to rapidly gather continuous geo-referenced data in a single pass for a broad range of stream and streambank conditions by integrating GPS, video, depth, water quality and other sensors. Results from HDSS data can be used to prioritize and locate areas of high erosion, determine the extent and distribution of instream habitat, locate areas that contribute to poor stream conditions, define the geomorphic condition for the stream, document restoration results and provide a powerful "virtual tour" experience. Trutta Environmental Solutions recently surveyed over 120 miles of the Duck River, TN in only eight days which also included over 100 cross sections to prove in depth bathymetric measurements for the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.
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